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My art is an Intuitive Adventure.

  My art is an intuitive adventure.    I have always been fascinated by world religions. I grew up in a religious family – my uncle is a Catholic priest. I married a Jewish man whose family lives in Israel. And for three years, I taught English online to a young Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia.

 I have studied yoga, meditation, quantum jumping, intuition, auras, chakras, sound healing, plant medicine, hypnosis, etc., etc., etc. – you name it. I can even do an amateur tarot reading! I have degrees in philosophy, psychology, and education.  All my studies have led me to the conclusion that all the answers are inside of us. We just need to ask the question and connect with our unconscious mind – the one outside of our conscious awareness.

 I feel my art is a conversation I have with the unconscious. My intention is that my art creates a dialogue with the unconscious mind of the viewer. It is a Rorschach of the soul.  I’d love to share the internal chatter that created these paintings.

 Which ones speak to you? I wonder why?                

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